Hub opens all day long. Night rent agreements separately.
Hub minimum rental time is 2 hours
Rental minimum renew is 1 hour.
If canceled or rescheduled after payment, 50% of the amount of reservation paid will be refunded. If you cancel or transfer your order less than a day, your reservation will not be refunded.
For creative teams of more than 6 people a 100% surcharge is applied to the cost of the hub rental.
The use of smoke, open flames, confetti and other special effects without the consent of the administration is FORBIDDEN.
Basic rent equipment:
- pulsed light Jinbei DPE II-400
- constant light JINBEI EF II-100,
- 2 racks Arsenal 2600,
- Softboxes Jinbei 70x100sm,
- Jinbei octobox 90cm,
- Jinbei reflector 55 °,
- 6 colored paper backgrounds.
You can see accessories for more information in the section "Equipment rental". Additional equipment is reserved in advance.
Exit to hub in shoe covers only.
The tenant undertakes to keep the rooms clean and to keep the rooms clean.
Hub is not responsible for lost items.
Smoking in hub is strictly forbidden.
Changing the appearance of the hub, installing additional fixtures, ceiling structures, stretch marks, taping and other materials, are possible only after the approval of the administration.
Hub have a right to prevent persons intoxicated in hub's rooms without reimbursement of the rental time.
Filming animals is available option, but only after the approval of the administration.